Family Driven Success Masterclass

10x  your productivity, profits and peace of mind by leveraging the relationships that matter to you most. 




The Family Driven Success Masterclass is a FREE 40 minute training for aspiring parents or entrepreneurs to help you thrive as a business owner and parent without the overwhelm of  juggling family life and business.


You'll learn the mindset you need to thrive and simple but powerful action steps you can implement today to help you feel empowered and in control!



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Hey! I'm Sahar Twesigys


Allow me to alleviate your anxiety. The name’s pronounced Sahar (yes like the desert, without the A at the end) Twe-see-jay.


I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and speaker who’s nuts about marketing. I call London home and I jumped headfirst into entrepreneurship 6 years ago in the thick of raising my 4 littles and somehow turned my feeble recipe blog into thousands of website hits and millions of views on Pinterest. I now help female entrepreneurs from all over the world build profitable businesses online.

I’m a tea drinking, dessert loving introvert and if given the choice to go hard or go home, I’d go home, hard.