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I’m here to help you find the courage to pursue your purpose and build a business and life that you love.

I know first hand what it’s like to admire everyone else online who’s doing that thing that you know deep down you’re called to do, but the gap between where you are now and that version of you who’s confidently and boldly taking monumental steps towards her goals feels like a chasm wider than Kimmy K’s hips. (Not denying she’s gorg btw).

I get it. The reality is right now, you have bills to pay and family to look after. You can’t afford to risk it all in the name of chasing your dream. HOWEVER, you also can’t deny that niggly little voice that just won’t leave you alone until you give it a try. We all know what happened when Elsa acknowledged that voice with a flimsy “I can hear you but I won’t” response. It didn’t get her far, did it??

So you’re left with 2 choices here. You either stay exactly where you are and live a life riddled with ‘what if’s’, comparison and the humdrum of living the status quo. Orrr… you take one baby step at a time and start pursuing that dream that has been calling you into the known. (belt that last part with some gusto why don’t you).


Will it be risky? 100%.


But you ,my friend, are not a risk. You are worthy of that dream that has been on your heart, that’s why you’re the steward of it! All your gifts, skills and quirks are yours for a reason, and they weren’t given to you to be put away in a box in an attic. You’re meant to use them to shine and serve others with them.

I promise you, when you start honouring that little voice and building your life around your strengths and gifts - when you taste what that feels like, there’s no going back.

And I know with everything inside of me that the most sustainable and risk averse way to achieve that is to build your own business. Because when you invest in yourself and upskill, you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to make more money or have the freedom to spend more time and make memories with those you love. 

Imma say it with my chest, I can show you how to live this kind of life because I’ve walked that walk myself, embraced the struggle in the words of Queen B and crossed over the chasm.

And as long as you have breath in your lungs, it’s NEVER too late to start. There is always an extra seat at the table for you.

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I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and speaker who’s nuts about marketing. I call London home and I jumped headfirst into entrepreneurship 6 years ago in the thick of raising my 4 littles and somehow turned my feeble recipe blog into thousands of website hits and millions of views on Pinterest (2 milli baby). I now help female entrepreneurs from all over the world build profitable businesses online.

I’m a combo of  what you’d call a strong Type A personality and an introvert which means if given the choice to go hard or go home, I go home, hard. Give me a journal, a cup of tea, cheesecake and a business book to read in solitude and I’m in total bliss. I 100% believe that creating a business around what lights you up is the most sustainable answer to finding fulfilment, building wealth and leaving a lasting impact.

I’m Also Known As

Married my university sweetheart, Andrew, and you couldn’t separate us ever since! We’re business partners and we’re both passionate about serving our local church.

Coz I be servin the best snacks and breakin up beef around those streets. #motherhoodisthebesthood. With 2 boys and 2 girls all 2 years apart, our home sounds like a zoo 24/7 and I wouldn't change a thing.

Co-chief in command with the hubs as my business partner. We run 2 businesses together – a creative and digital marketing agency and an online education platform.

I live for inspiring others to step into everything they were born to do! Whether it’s a business workshop, a conference or church gathering, there’s nothing quite like meeting in person and seeing the penny drop or a spark reignite in people’s eyes!

Creating content to help you find your purpose and grow your business is what I do! Inspiration and education is my sweet spot.

Every once in a while, I like to write a little sing-song here and there and buss’ out my bass guitar. Nothing gives me the chills like singing with a tight band.

My Story


Let's take it waaaay back to 2008. My husband and I were newly weds in our early 20s feeling fresher than the fresh prince.

Soon after we got hitched we just knew that we wanted to serve disadvantaged young people in our church community. At the time, Andrew was the youth pastor and I was working in an accounting firm as an assistant finance manager, and I was really really unhappy.

I still haven't worked out whether I was really brave or plain naive, but I

made the crazy leap and quit my corporate job to serve those young kids alongside Andrew as a full time volunteer. We both made that sacrificial decision as a couple for a season of our lives and my goodness did it mark me! 

Then as we started growing our family, I had a personal conviction to look after my kids full time while they were still little, since I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them but also because we couldn’t afford childcare costs. 


Being a stay at home mum, I began to feel the itch to create something that could help others and contribute to my family financially since we were on one income at the time. I realised I had a gift for creating healthy habits and recipes that worked for my family and I wanted to help other women look after their health and their families, so I started blogging about it!

I started it as a side hustle and had no intention of growing it past that, but lo and behold after consistently sticking it out, my little blog grew and started gaining thousands of website hits through Pinterest. And my Pinterest account? Millions of monthly views.

That little blog opened doors for me beyond what I could ever imagine, and allowed me opportunities to work with massive brands and influencers. 

I started to fall in love with the business and marketing side of blogging more and more and so when I made the pivot to help others with growing their businesses with Pinterest, my business went BOOM. 

Clients and students came pouring in and Andrew and I was able to go full time with the business. It completely and utterly changed our lives and took our family out of poverty.

And the rest as they say is history.

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