What you think you know about shaping culture is wrong with Raj Khaira Ep. 10

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Is it possible to shape culture as an individual?

And is it possible to shift entrenched, long standing core beliefs of a community or organisation?

Our guest today, shares how she’s transforming her community in the hopes of leaving a lasting impact. 

We talk about strategies to challenge and shape culture, the reality of leading a movement, sexism, monetising activist work and so much more. 

Raj Khaira is a lawyer, author, anti-oppression activist and is one of few ethnic minority women in the UK to have held a role in the c-suite of a tech company. 

Raj is also the founder of the globally acclaimed, award winning campaign, the Pink Ladoo Project, which is a global gender equality campaign by encouraging South Asian families in the diaspora to abandon sexist customs and celebrate girls' births. The campaign has inspired the celebration of the birth of thousands of girls in South Asian communities across the world. 

In addition to that, Raj launched, the world’s first global directory of South Asian therapists in June 2020 in the height of the pandemic which quickly became the largest South Asian mental health community in the world. 

Her first book, Stories for South Asian Supergirls, was published in May 2019 and was selected as Children's Book of the Week and Children's Book of the Month by the Times and the Guardian. Volume 2 of Supergirls will be releasing in 2024. 


Interesting points we discussed:

  • What it's like growing up as a South Asian young girl and some of the sexist customs associated with that [4.18s]
  • How did the idea for Pink Ladoo came about [8.40s]
  • Helena Morrissey and the 30% club [10.22s]
  • Her metrics for the success of the campaign [16.17s]
  • Making sure to create an easy call to action to ensure your campaign's success [19.28s]
  • How she launched the South Asian Therapists directory [28.10s]
  • The challenges of monetising your work in the anti oppression space [29.21s]
  • The reality of your impact and reach [43.10]
  • And how her idea for the book South Asian Supergirls book came about


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For the full scoop make sure to checkout the full episode! If you want to hear from other authors on the show you can tune in to Dr.Alison Cook's episode on how to be your authentic self or Chibundu Onuzo on how to be a multi passionate creative.


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