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Jul 15, 2022




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You Have Found Your People

Have you ever asked yourself, do I really have what it takes to fulfil my purpose? Is creating a life + business I love even possible for someone like me? Or am I too late? And if not, where do I even begin? 

If that hit close to home then I’m here to tell you, you’re in the right place. You’ve found your people.


Welcome to Daring Forward, a collective community of women exploring what it means to courageously pursue a meaningful and purpose filled business and life.


I’m your host Sahar Twesigye, entrepreneur, digital marketing agency owner, wife to a minister (who's also happens to be my business partner) and mother to 4 kiddos. 


The Back Story

As a young married couple, my husband and I had our hearts set on devoting our lives to ministry and serving others, so much so that I left a corporate career in accounting [to my family’s disappointment] at a moment’s notice and joined my husband as a full time volunteer. 

We didn’t have much, yet it was during those beautiful and hard years that I learned how to love, to lead, to serve and to give. And along with that some painful, yet powerful lessons like how to live with very little; that following your purpose without it providing financially is not sustainable and that ultimately, poverty really sucks. 

But it wasn’t until we started growing our own little family that something inside of me snapped. I couldn’t just sit there and allow my babies to experience lack anymore. From skipping meals, and endlessly shrimping just so I can afford shoes that fit their tiny feet to missing out on other kid’s birthday parties because we couldn’t afford to show up with a decent gift. This wasn’t how I thought my life would pan out. 

Things like comparison, low self worth and resentment began to consume me as regret for the choices I made in the past filled my heart. How can I be here when I followed what I genuinely believed was my life’s work and my purpose?

I couldn’t admit it to myself at the time but I hated my life.

My heart was broken for my children. I felt like I failed as a mom.


But sometimes you have to get tired of your own mess before you’re ready to make a change. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can dare forward. 


And THAT was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. 


The Journey

So I started attending the prestigious University of Google and DEVOURED everything to do with starting a business from home.

I tried (and epically failed) at a whole bunch of things like selling returned watches on eBay, exporting baby wear, designing and selling tees and eventually landed on food blogging and not only did I love everything to do with building an online business, I was really good at it. Before I knew it, my little blog grew in notoriety with thousands of website visits which opened huge doors for me like being featured in the media and working with massive brands

Fast forward to now, my jam is to help countless women like you fulfil their purpose, profitably. My life now is so different to what it was before. My day can look like anything from strategy calls and webinars to school runs and after school clubs to volunteering at my local church and hosting cosy dinners with old friends and new. My life is a full plate and my home sounds like a zoo, but it’s full with all the good stuff. Abundance, meaning, love, purpose, growth and joy. 

All of this is to say you don’t need to have it all together to create a life you love. You absolutely CAN do this even if you don’t have capital, a ton of time or connections. All you need is a little bit of faith and an action plan. 


What is Daring Forward

We live in a culture where we’re constantly bombarded with “reach 6 figures in six minutes” type of messaging which is unrealistic and disheartening at best. But we don’t often hear enough about the stories of overwhelming failures and debilitating fears. You know, the raw and real human experience behind the success. And it's time we change the narrative.

Here at Daring Forward, We believe that every woman has what it takes to overcome every obstacle, face every fear and navigate failure. 

We believe in community, where there is strength in walking together and where every woman has a seat at the table.


We believe in authentic success; being consistent no matter how slow, being true to yourself and pursuing your calling without sacrificing what matters most. 


So here’s what you can expect from this show. Our weekly episodes feature inspiring interviews with ordinary women doing extraordinary things. From female entrepreneurs and creatives to leading women, authors and other inspirational individuals, we delve into how they defied incredible odds to achieve massive success in work, business and life.  We talk about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, leadership, motherhood, faith and marriage.


Join us fortnightly on Tuesday and get ready to walk away with invaluable lessons and action steps to help you Live Courageously and Dare Forward.


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